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Greenovate Corporation is the sister company of Vazbuilt Cebu Corporation, maker of prefab concrete panels.

Greenovate Corporation is Cebu’s leading supplier of eco-friendly and healthful building materials. It aims to build you a quality Green Home in your own lot. With its goal of marketing and selling affordable Green Homes in the Visayas and Mindanao region, the company has a team of architects and engineers to customize or personalize your own dream Green Home based on your preference, design and budget.

With a commitment to green design and construction, the company serves highly engineered method of producing buildings for residential and commercial purposes. Our diverse product collection—built upon high standards for integrity, quality, and sustainability—includes a range of flooring, roofing, paints, insulations, plumbing, electrical, carpentry and green features.

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Green Home by Greenovate Corporation advocates the construction of environment-friendly homes using green technologies to enable comfortable living while conserving energy and earth’s resources.

Green Home features 2500 PSI prefab concrete posts, beams and panels, roof vents, louver windows, rain water catchment tank, sky tunnel, solar power systems, green walls green roof and permeable pavers.

Green Home owners can depend on its durability, natural ventilation, and sustainability.


Vazcrete Fence

Greenovate Corporation also specializes in building transferrable fences.

Vazcrete fence has different applications such as : perimeter, residential, property development.

Greenovate Corporation’s fences are tough: at least 2500psi solid cement with steel bars, fast: lego-like assembly system which is 30% faster to construct than CHB, beautiful: smooth finish (no need to plaster) and the key feature is that it is transferrable.



Terrazzo Tile Manufacturing Corporation is a manufacturer of quality outdoor cement tiles, branded as Trazo Tiles, including pavers.

Trazo Tiles uses natural stones colors to create aesthetically beautiful designs which matches with many outdoor uses in various outdoor settings.

All products of Terrazzo Manufacturing Corporation are locally made here in Cebu.

Other Products

Others ( Greenwall and Sky Tunnel )

Greenovate Corporation is the exclusive dealer in Cebu of SG Eco Industries Inc. products which is famously known for their Sky Tunnel products. The Sky Tunnel is a Tubular Daylighting Device, or commonly known as a Tubular Skylight. Commonly referred to as light tubes or light pipes, the Sky Tunnel is very efficient in transporting natural light.

We also supply Vertigrow Green Walls or Vertical Gardening to our clients. Green Wall serves as natural insulation as it reduces the heat absorb by your homes. The benefits of gardening can also be enjoyed by those who have limited space as it acts as an additional garden area. Green Wall enhances visual appeal of a home that attracts people’s attention.

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