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Greenovate Corporation is Cebu’s leading supplier of Vazcrete Prefab Fences and Green Home. Our goal is to enable lot owners to own their dream eco-friendly Green Home based on the Client’s budget and must-haves using affordable and eco-friendly building materials.

With a commitment to green design and construction, the company uses engineered methods of producing green building materials. Our diverse product collection—built upon integrity, quality, and sustainability —includes a range of walling; flooring; roofing; natural light and ventilation products such as COOL WALL; TRAZO TILES and PAVERS; GREEN ROOF and LOUVERS; SKY TUNNEL; GREEN VENT; RAIN WATER CATCHMENT; GREENWALL and more….
Consequently, homeowners enjoy a lifetime of savings in electric and water bills while experiencing comfortable and easy living.


A lot has already been said about the need for people to go “green”. However, there is a perception that green is costly and therefore not affordable.

Not anymore…

Green Home utilizes designs which efficiently utilize solar, water, and wind resources with the thoughtful use of environment-friendly construction materials which reduce our carbon footprint.

Greenhome is affordable because a lot of care has been done to make the building process efficient through waste reduction and value engineering. Green Home uses tried and tested green construction materials and progressive earth-friendly designs which harness the environment’s resources.


Green homes are energy efficient, comfortable, healthy and safe, durable, environmentally responsible, and are designed and built as a system.